The products will be delivered within 2 weeks from the date of order unless otherwise stated. For Pre Order products, the products will be delivered between 2 and 4 weeks after the order has been placed unless otherwise stated. We partner with furniture movers to deliver directly to you. We will do our best to meet your desired delivery schedule. 

Due to reasons such as no direct lift access & not able to fit into the lift, $10 per item per floor surcharge applies for deliveries to Level 2 and above. An additional $30 surcharge applies when the delivery team needs to install the lift protection pad. $50 per item will be charged for the disposal of bulky items. Customers who stay in private properties, i.e. condominiums, need to complete proper paperwork such as consent letters from the relevant body.

We will contact you to arrange the receiving of goods within 1-2 days before the dispatch. For urgent orders, please give us a call to confirm stock availability before placing your order.  

We have the right to refuse or cancel your order and provide a refund at any given time without prior notice or explanation. We are able to inform you of the specific date of delivery but will be unable to provide the exact time that our dispatch will reach your location. Installation service is included when you purchase our products.