Understanding Mattress Sagging & Body Impressions

Mattresses, over time, may develop sagging and body impressions. It's essential to know that various components of the comfort layers used in a mattress will eventually settle and compress due to the user's weight and shape. The bedding industry acknowledges that this "settling" or compression is not a structural or design defect but an expected outcome.

Body Impressions vs Sagging: The Industry Definitions
In the mattress industry, body impression is a specifically coined term referring to a depression in the mattress that measures less than or equivalent to 1.5 inches. This is considered a normal occurrence and not severe enough to claim a warranty against. It's an expected result rather than a structural or design defect.

On the other hand, sagging is a term used when the mattress depression exceeds 1.5 inches, indicating substantial indentation.

How to Measure Sagging
Measuring sagging involves creating a straight line across the top of the mattress using a yardstick or a nylon plastic rope. Then, measure the distance from the straight line to the top of the quilt surface at the lowest point of depression. In the video example below, you can see that the depression is more than 1.5 inches.

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Warranty Clauses: Not All Manufacturers are Created Equal
It's essential to understand that warranty clauses may vary among manufacturers. For instance, one company may repair any manufacturing defects arising within the first year of purchase without additional charges, while the buyer bears transportation costs. Any defects emerging after the first year would lead to pro-rated repair charges.

KITA Promise: A Clear and Simple Guarantee
At KITA, we strive to make a difference and set ourselves apart from the competition with our simple, customer-oriented guarantee. If our spring mattresses sag more than 1.5 inches or non-spring mattresses sag more than 1 inch, we provide a one-to-one replacement at no extra cost. We aim to prioritize your comfort and satisfaction above all else.